Like many of you, I have developed a passion for cooking and entertaining. I had all the right dishware, kitchen gadgets, small electrics and certainly no shortage of cookbooks. But, what I did not have was a decent apron.

After an exhaustive search to find an apron that fit my sense of style, I came up empty handed. So, I decided to make them myself. I am a corporate retail alumna (from The Gap and Levi Strauss) who set out to blend my fashion experience with my love of cooking. The result is our new line of cute, fashionable and eco chic aprons.

I take current fashion trends in silhouette and color and translate them into aprons for the home. This idea of a fashionable apron is really not addressed in the market today. We want your apron to reflect you, not someone else's idea of what an apron should be. Why should your fashion sense stop at the closet door?

We think our customer feedback says it all, "So dangerously cute I would wear it in and out of the kitchen, " says Jasi.

Perhaps even more importantly, I wanted go about this in the most socially and environmentally responsible way. At Callie Micks, we support our local community by making our aprons right here in Downtown Los Angeles using local fabric, thus creating jobs and reducing emissions. The fabric we use is what we call “rescue” fabric- it is high quality, overstock, existing fabric that needs a home. Fabric recycling, so to speak.

Our aprons are cute AND good for our planet! So, when you wear one of our aprons, you are making statement in more ways than one!

Love, Callie


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We offer convenient $6 shipping to the United States and Canada via USPS Priority Mail. All in-stock items will be shipped in 1 - 3 business days. If you want trackable or expedited shipping, or need UPS delivery, you can choose from various UPS options and receive real-time shipping rates.

We are currently accepting International orders from the UK and Australia (in addition to Canada as mentioned above). International orders to the UK and Australia will be shipped USPS First Class Mail International, and charged a flat rate shipping charge of $15.00. Tracking and insurance are unavailable on International shipping. Callie Micks is not responsible for any duty charges you may incur, or for any losses or damages to the package once it leaves our hands.


You may return any unused/unwashed merchandise within 35 days from the date we shipped it for either a refund or exchange. Please note that shipping and handling costs cannot be refunded.

To return an apron, please email us at returns@calliemicks.com and we'll be happy to help you. In your email, please include your order number, reason, and whether you would like a refund or an exchange.

We recommend sending any returned merchandise via insured and/or trackable delivery carrier. Callie Micks is not responsible for any returned merchandise that is either lost or damaged in transit.

Once we receive your returned merchandise, we will either send the exchanged merchandise to you, or refund the amount of the merchandise to your original form of payment. You will receive an email to confirm the details. Exchanged merchandise will incur a $5 shipping charge.

If you have any questions regarding our return/exchange policy, please contact us at (310) 399-0484 or email us at info@calliemicks.com


Why do I need an apron?

Would you like to spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying your friends and family? Aprons help you do this by keeping your clothes clean. Clean clothes mean less laundry and pesky stain-fighting tasks. Callie's never been one to excel in the cleaning department (I would give her a 'B'), so anything that will reduce her cleaning to-do list is much appreciated. She's even taken to wearing her apron while washing dishes- no more wet spots on her clothes! Now you can be clean and cute in your apron!

Why are your aprons made in Downtown Los Angeles?

Lots of reasons! First, we believe in supporting the economic growth of our country and our local community. Keeping the financial transactions here creates jobs. According to www.madeintheusa.com, “There are 293 million people living in the United States. If each one would shift $20 a month in spending from foreign-made products to U.S.-made products, that would create 5 million new jobs.” Wow. Let’s do it!

Also, the quality of finished product made locally is better than overseas. We know our sewers personally and work as a team to make sure our aprons are perfect. Working with nameless, faceless people overseas is just not our thing. We want lots of love going into our aprons.

What in the world is "rescue" fabric?

We buy high quality, excess, overstock fabric that needs a home, sort of like taking in a rescue dog, without the wet nose and the wagging tail! It is important to us to leave this world a better place for our kids. Using rescue fabric, as opposed to ordering new fabric, reduces the amount of pesticides and dye that seep into our food, water and air. Also, we buy the fabric right here in Downtown Los Angeles where our aprons are sewn, cutting down on emissions related to transporting fabric. You could also refer to this process as recycling fabric.

Why do you use linen fabric?

We like linen because it's strong, versatile, breathable and absorbent. Linen is two to three times stronger than cotton. Iron it, heck even starch it, and your apron will be so beautiful, you’ll be afraid to get anything on it. If you’re the more laid back type, just take it out of the dryer and go. Two looks, one apron. Also, linen allows heat to escape, leaving you cool in the kitchen. And finally, linen absorbs liquids easily and dries quickly. Exactly what an apron should do!

How do I keep my apron looking it's best?

Please follow the care instructions that are both on this site, and attached to your apron to ensure a happy apron. We also recommend hanging your apron on a hook to minimize wrinkles.